State Auto and Distracted Driving

As the numbers of injuries and deaths from distracted driving continues to increase, we're working to help bring attention to this growing problem.

We want to spread these important messages:

  • Distracted driving affects drivers of all ages; not just teen drivers.

  • Distracted driving is caused by texting and other activities like eating and talking with passengers.

  • Children can influence their parents by asking them to remove distractions while driving.

For an insurance company, a focus on improving driver safety and skills includes our products. We've introduced our telematics products for personal and business auto customers. And, we're continuing to add innovative features to help our customers stay safe. 

Beyond our own products and services, our focus is on creative ways to help families talk about the critical topic of distracted driving. See our Storybook and Resources pages for ways you can have conversations about safe driving with your loved ones. 

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Questions about our distracted driving initiative or storybook?